Their Farm

Because of where we live and do business many of our business owners are in the agriculture industry.


While they are like many of our business clients, they have some unique needs.


Because some of the legislation they work under is different than a business owner we added to our offering of products to address their issues.


We can provide their employees accident and or accident and sickness plans that start on the first day and go to age 75. There is several riders available to tailor make a plan. We have personal disability plans for owners and managers and we have a Farm Start plan to put in place some employee and family benefits, that are tax deductible.


For our farm owners, we have some very qualified advisors who can assist with the unique needs for farm families. We have hosted generational meetings to talk about the needs of the farm now and in the future.


We have assisted with succession, the need for insurance now and in the future and worked with our advisors and our clients advisors to put in place an estate plan that addresses their unique circumstances.


At Mosby Insurance Agencies Ltd., we care about our farm families and appreciate the unique role they play.