Their Employees

Taking care of our business owners means taking care of the people who contribute to their bottom line.


From the one person business to the multi owned shareholder corporation we provide benefits and options for our clients to consider.


We offer group benefits, executive benefits, health care spending accounts and tax preferred health care plans. Through our various plans we can help get a diagnosis, treatment plan or payments for US Health Care at private clinics.

Not only do we implement these plans, but they are carefully monitored. We have a back office that maintains our relationships with us for this line of business to be sure that our clients and their administrators have access to timely assistance.


We provide ongoing reports to our clients so that they can monitor how relevant the plan is for them and their employees and keep an "eye" on the bottom line to assist with keeping the plan sustainable.


We meet regularly with staff to explain the program in place and provide them with reward statements annually so they are fully aware of the benefits they have in place and they difference they make to them and their families.


At Mosby Insurance Agencies Ltd., we are committed to the employees we serve for their group benefits.